A downrigger is a device used while fishing using the trolling method, which places a lure at the desired depth. A downrigger consists of a three to six-foot horizontal pole that supports a cannon ball (large weight) by a steel cable (stainless steel). A clip, also known as a "release" attaches a fishing line to the cannonball weight. The bait or lure is attached to the release. - Intelligent downrigger line releases only when a fish strikes. - Great for fishing small fish in extra deep waters - It has a high sensitivity - Simple and fast employment - Fits all Downriggers - Ideal and untouched fishing locations can only be found in deep waters. Away from any noise made by thousands of motor boats. Deepwater release was developed just because of that. - Deepwater release will help you discover new fishing areas unreachable to others because there are just no limits to its efficiency. - Deepwater release is a special downrigger line release designed for extra deep water trolling. Great for fishing small fish like Sparidae, Serranidae, Loliginidae more than 40 feet deep. - Deepwater release is a patented product from the new generation of intelligent deepwater line releases. New Downrigger - Presentation

Deepwater Release Is A Special Downrigger Line Release Designed For Extra Deep Water Trolling.
Great For Fishing Small Fish (Sparidae, Serranidae, Loliginidae) More Than 40 Feet Deep.
Deepwater Release Will Help You Discover New Fishing Areas Unreachable To Others, Because There, Are Simply No Limits To Its Efficiency. Is A Patented Product From The New Generation Of Intelligent Deepwater Line Releases.
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U.S.A. Pat. Name holding. Manufacturer of special Downrigger Release - Deepwater Release - Device for holding a fishing line.

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Intelligently Releases Only When A Fish Strikes Without the fake releases. World Trolling patent and trademark.

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